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Put Yourself in Charge | Benefits of Using stdconfidential

Your Time and Health are Valuable so stdconfidential professional  services can get important health information direct to you quickly, efficiently and confidentially.
stdconfidential is not intended to be a substitute for consultation with a doctor or other qualified health care provider or a complete physical examination. tests are for your and your health care provider's information.

Detect disease early

Testing can help identify serious conditions that develop over time and produce no symptoms.
Take an Active Part in your Healthcare.
With test results in hand, you will save time and assist your doctor.

Get Peace of mind

"Normal" test results are significant as a reference for future monitoring and to provide general health information.
In addition, if you have made lifestyle changes to improve your health, these results can display the success of your efforts.

Maintain Privacy - no one else will see your test results

We take your right to privacy very seriously. All tests are carried out anonymously and your name is registered only if you wish.

Build an excellent health profile

Unfortunately, lab tests ordered by your physician become part of your permanent medical record that may be disclosed in certain circumstances such as change in job, application for life, health and disability insurance.
Many lab markers for future health concerns can be improved by simple lifestyle changes so, once optimized, your lab profile can then become an aid instead of a hindrance in your permanent medical record.

Online Blood and STD Testing

Confidential medical tests are fast, easy and affordable with
We offer the same reliable blood tests available through a doctor’s office, including STD tests, health tests and drug tests, without the expense for a separate medical office visit.
Our tests are confidential and become your property to share or keep.

Take control of your health care.

Why Use stdconfidential?

Our online medical lab tests provide a convenient, safe, reliable alternative to traditional blood testing services. is a revolutionary direct-to-consumer laboratory testing service that provides a convenient, confidential, reliable and affordable way for consumers to take control of their health care costs and provide them complete access to their health information.

You now have access to affordable laboratory testing online. We provide superior laboratory testing and value-added service. We strive to expand the field of preventative medicine by giving everyone access to affordable screening in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

The future of health care is here today. Put yourself in charge of your health care costs and your personal health information by ordering blood tests online from All laboratory testing is completely confidential, secure, and generally offered at competitive rates.

Our health care professionals work to ensure complete confidentiality and accuracy of your lab test results. Our laboratory's ISO certification ensures quality. Confidentiality of your lab tests and your privacy are guaranteed.

Benefits of ordering your lab services online:

  • Ordering your medical laboratory blood tests online will help you and your family save time.
  • No co-pays and no doctor’s visits required to order your lab tests online.
  • You WON’T need to spend your time or money getting a medical exam or pre-approval from a doctor for your online lab test purchase.
  • You DON’T need doctor's referral. Just purchase your blood test online, find a location convenient for you, donate your sample and your secure and confidential lab test results will be sent directly to you, within the time stated.
  • CONFIDENTIAL results sent via secure email ONLY to the address you provide us.

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